Messages from my old and now deleted guestbook

Name: Jeanette
City: Essex, UK
Sent: 22/10 2004 11:39

Great website, helped me in my research for a Dandie of my own.

Name: Barbara
City: San Jose, Califorinia, USA
Sent: 21/10 2004 12:26

great work artist, must be tough to have both sides of your brain just as strong. 8o) intelligent and creative, excellent.

Name: Lotta Andersson
City: Skellefteå Sweden
Sent: 11/10 2004 14:11

So many nice things to read and enjoy on your website.
I have a dandie myself and its really "my cup of tea".
Best wishes, Lotta


Name: van rijswijk
City: Hasselt Belgium
Sent: 06/10 2004 14:13

a lovely website you have and fantastic Dandies.We do have a dandie too



Name: Irma Rieck
City: Muenster Germany
Sent: 10/06 2004 12:44

Hi, Celia, love to visit your homepage again.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in July.
Best wishes,
Irma und Eckhard

Name: Inger Nordengrahn
City: Bro. Sweden
Sent: 09/06 2004 15:41

Hallo and thank you for visit my homepage. I´m glad you like what you see. Here comes some news:
2008 07 03-06 the World Champion Show will be in Sweden, Stockholm. I live 3.5 swedish miles from Stockholm, so I hope I will see you there!
In July this year I and my son Anders will go to the Finnish Dandie Days 16/7 - 18/7 and meet finnish friends with their dandies. It will be lecutures, how to take good photos, grill partys and of cours a show
I hope you will be in Stockholm 2008!
Greetings from Sweden
Inger and Anders Nordengrahn, Ingnors Kennel


Name: Jean Atkinson
City: Perth W.Australia
Sent: 12/05 2004 22:32

You may have heard from Audrey that we lost our dear Gus last year. Now arranging to take on a puppy from Jollygaze Melbourne (Emma Greenway) Beautiful Dandies, couldn't live without one! Good luck with yours.


Inger Nordengrahn
City: Bro in Sweden
Sent: 11/05 2004 16:21

You have a wonderful site with very good photos and a intersting history."Rosie begging" is very special for me.Is that usual in GB? I got my first dandie from Willows in Sweden and then from Blaven and Charponel.Half a year ago I got a bitch from Finland, Galbaras, and she can also begging, sitting nice.
Is that realy typical for a dandie?
Good night from Sweden

Name: Peggy Holcombe
City: Harvey
: Louisiana
Sent: 17/04 2004 18:04

Thank you so much on the Cramberry and vit C advice. Things seem to working out really well. And her uren is no longer very yellow but A cleare and things are flowing greate. Thanks agan for the help. Peggy

Name: Nancy Moore
City: Laguna Niguel California 92677
Sent: 15/04 2004 21:16

Hello, I'm looking for an adult mustard dandie who wants to share my life and be my "significant other".
I have been interested in dandies since 1985. I would sure like to have one as my sweetheart.


Name: Rico & Speedy
City: Linz - Austria
Sent: 21/03 2004 10:52

Hi, Dawsholm Dandies !! We both "sniffed" around your homepage and bark: "Ravishing" - Cheerfully waging-greetings from Rico & Speedy and kindly greetings from the "two-legged" Antonia and Hellmut
PS.: Please visit our hp and set a pawprint in our gb - thank you in advance !!


Name: marie-diane de rouvre
City: sauveterre de bearn
Sent: 19/03 2004 12:14

Iam owning a pepper fouryears'old dandie and i am looking a puppy female pepper to buy. can you inform me if you have or will have some, and wich price it is? pleasa excuse my english, and i really like your site very much;
Marie-diane de rouvre




Name: Anna
City: New York
Sent: 07/09 2004 13:27

Nice website - lovely dogs.

Name: Peter andJanet Marshall
Sent: 24/07 2004 07:35

just having a look at Alice! She looks really beautiful. Will be in touch.
Janet Marshall Llandudno, North Wales 01492 547352

Name: maritha Karlsson
City: kumla
: sweden
Sent: 07/07 2004 12:17

Hi Celia !!
I hope to see you at the Dandieshow.
it should be very fun .
LOVE Maritha

Name: mark and tracey
City: darlington
Sent: 02/07 2004 16:07

hi celia great website celia

Name: BeRciK
Sent: 26/06 2004 23:07

Nice nice... Cool WEBsite. Good luck:>


Name: Trish, lucy lavender and timmy thyme/
City: Middleton
Sent: 15/03 2004 07:06

Hi Celia,
Adore Topsy and Tibbie ---- Timmy of course :) you certainly breed beautiful dandies.
Love the webiste.
Hope all the adult dandies are fine - kisses to them all.
much love to you
trish lucy and timmy. xxxxxx


Name: Mrs Stormy Burns
City: Colorado Springs CO
Sent: 01/03 2004 20:25

What beautiful Dandies! My friend, Carol Hamilton, sent me your URL. I love her Danny Boy!


Name: Minna, Aatu and Ella
Sent: 01/03 2004 10:32

Hi, Celia, and than you for signing our guestbook. I have added a photoalbum to Aatu´s and Ella´s site today - at last! Oh, and your new cartoons were great!!

Name: Pat Hall
Sent: 28/02 2004 21:33

Good photos! I enjoyed looking at them. Keep 'em coming, since I will probably never get to The Garden.


Name: Jacolyn Dadles
Sent: 28/02 2004 17:32

Hello! Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for all you do to help our beloved Dandies.


Name: Gail Isner
City: Woodstock, GA, USA
Sent: 27/02 2004 22:37

Thoroughly enjoyed looking through your website. That is a beautiful picture of Danny.


Name: Frances Sikorsik
City: Northridge, CA 91326-2320
Sent: 27/02 2004 21:37

Carol is one in a million. Really appreciate all her work with Great Western Terrier Association


Name: Jeanne Tharalson
City: Seattle,Washington,USA
Sent: 27/02 2004 21:06

What a delightful website, wonderful Dandies and such cute Dandie pups

Jeanne in Seattle, Chair, Dandies in Distress, Rescue group of DDTCA


Name: Mary L. Schaeffer
City: Los Angeles,CA
Sent: 27/02 2004 20:44

Lovely dogs! I really enjoyed your website.


Name: Susan Benkõ
City: H-Vértestolna
Sent: 27/02 2004 13:16

Congratulation to your nice homepage, to nice and lovly dandies and ofcours your art is wonderful.
I am glad to find your very nice dandies in site.I wish a lot of seccesful shows whit dandies, and please to paint more and more Dandie pictur! Many greetings from Hungary Susan and Bendek


Name: Campbell A Foster
City: Ulsan
: South Korea
Sent: 23/02 2004 05:14

As you can see from my email I am a Dandie lover.
I think you puppy pictures bring back good memories of our two. We would like to have Dandies again
Keep up the good work for the Dandie Trust

All the best

Campbell A Foster.


Name: joan andersen
City: somerville, massachusetts
Sent: 19/02 2004 12:13

Love all your Dandies. Trying to locate a puppy need some company lost my niki a year ago, ready for new companion.


Name: Elaine Blackledge
City: Swansea
Sent: 15/02 2004 12:51

Hi Celia, couldn't resist having a look - great site. What a beautiful family you have as well as a great site. Best wishes. Elaine

Name: Darlene
City: Taylor, MI USA
Sent: 15/02 2004 12:04

Hi Celia, Just wanted to let you know that you have a great site, and I had a lot of laughs as I pondered through it. Keep up the good work with your furkids.


Name: Rita Sillsten
City: Finland/Lahti
Sent: 09/02 2004 12:30

I visit your homesites.I look all.It is very lovely and good fotos and cartoons and everythings...all !!!!!!
I send to you e-mail soon!!
Greetings Rita and "blondi"Basti!


Name: silvia grimm
Sent: 06/02 2004 15:31

hello,great site,great dogs,best wishes from germany,silvia,bernd and poodles.


Name: Linda Schwartz
City: Alexandria, Virginia
Sent: 26/01 2004 13:01

Dear Celia,
I enjoyed my visit to your website. After wanting Dandies for my entire adult life, I finally adopted two, a mustard and a pepper. My delight with both is beyond words. Every spare chance I get, I look for Dandie websites. Your site is great, and I think your art is fantastic. Do you sell reproductions of your art? I'd love to have one. Take care.



Name: Beth Barker
City: Port Perry, Ontario Canada
Sent: 26/01 2004 09:31

I have enjoyed your cartoon books and your wonderful sense of humour, your many writings and share your love of the Dandie.


Name: Sanna
City: tampere, Finland
Sent: 20/01 2004 08:37

You have very lovely homepage. I own too danie. she's name is riina. I hope all best to you and your dogs


Name: Iris Buckland
City: Woodlawn, Ontario,Canada
Sent: 15/01 2004 05:15

Hi Celia,
I am looking for information on where I can buy a copy of the cartoon book for the Dandie glaucoma fund.
It is important to me as I lost my final show Dandie to this disease, which Pepper had in both eyes.
Any help would be appreciated.
With thanks, Iris


Name: Margreth
Sent: 11/01 2004 19:30

Hi Celia! I am looking forward to see the Aroma poem up on your site:-))
Love! Margreth

Name: Isabel Hafström
City: Stockholm
Sent: 11/01 2004 16:44

Dear Celia! What a nice website you have got! I like the colours very much and off course all the dandie-pictures! Isabel in Sweden and the dandie Carlin


Name: Trish Lucy Lavender and Timmy Thyme
City: Middleton
Sent: 10/01 2004 19:57

Hi Celia,
Love the new look to the website, it is beautiful, also love the dandie on the homepage -- is it for sale???????. :)
Much love to you and to all the dandies.
Trish Lucy and Timmy xxxxxxx


Name: Joanne Corless
City: UK
Sent: 08/01 2004 10:36

Hi Celia,

Love the new look website


Name: Ashley Bruneske
City: Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Sent: 27/11 2003 14:49

Hi Celia,
I'm Scamper's mom (Jan's kid). trying to convince Mom to get a little Dandie - like Pippa. Sooooo cute!!
Ash. Love your art, too!


Name: Niall Taylor
City: Glastonbury UK
Sent: 06/10 2003 05:51

Hi Celia, Just popped in for a look - excellent website - oh to be in the Ochil Hills right now!
Cheers - Niall (fellow Scot & from the AltVet list)


Name: Donna
City: Shell Lake, WI USA
Sent: 31/07 2003 14:59

YOU have a lovely website. I would love to visit Scotland again!!


Name: Anne McFarlane
City: Glasgow, Scotland
Sent: 29/04 2003 09:28

Been meaning to sign your book for ages! Love your web site - one day I'll have one of my own for my "little people". They send their regards - Mungo had his vet check today and is pronounced A1, so watch out the Scottish show scene. CU soon, Anne.

Name: Antonia u. Hellmut Roeckendorfer
City: Linz / Austria
Sent: 02/04 2003 06:07

We loved to visit your website !! Please visit our homepage and sign our guestbook (its a new, little site
of austrian-dandies !!
Greetings from Rico+Speedy (and Antonia + Hellmut)


Name: Trish Ken Chris and Lucy Lavender at Wincebeck
City: Middleton England.
Sent: 16/02 2003 15:35

Hi Celia,
On behalf of myself, Ken Chris and Lucy Lavender, we wish to thank you for everything you have and are still doing for us, it is greatly appreciated by us all.
You are a True Friend.
Much love to you and the dandies.


Name: Donna LaPorte
City: Shell Lake, WI .USA
Sent: 25/01 2003 13:50

Celia, what a beautiful website!! You are quite a talented lady. It was fun to see a picture of Rosie after all the conversation about her.


Name: Joanne Olds
City: Wakeman, Ohio, U.S.A.
Sent: 31/12 2002 10:07

You have a BEAUTIFUL site!! Love your dogs, and your presentation! And I do have to agree with others on the list, You DO look quite normal!:) I would never have guessed!:) But I envy your humor!


Name: William Barber
City: Marshall, VA, USA
Sent: 21/12 2002 12:07

I lost my loving "Ivan" a few months ago, and when I think of getting another dog, its alway an "Ivan" i.e. a Dandie. I am so interested in finding a another Dandie...or two of them *smile*. I am even thinking of breeding possibilities -- so that I can continue to have them around.

Love to look at your pics...Thanks.

Name: Trish
City: Middleton.
Sent: 18/10 2002 07:56

Hi Celia, here i am on your website again, sorry you lost your guestbook - it is a real pain when they do this.!!
So nice to see the tribute to Walter on your site, he was a lovely person, such a shame.
Will be back soon - love the new dandie dinmont trust shop website - keep up the good work.
Love Trish and Lucy Lavenderxx