About us



We live on the outskirts of a small village in central Scotland near the foot of the Ochil Hills. These are often shrouded by mist, covered in snow, or in the warmer weather - a lovely myriad of colours. We have a large place for the dogs to roam, and a fenced off part where we keep a varied selection of hens, ducks - both domestic and ornamental   waterfowl. We have eight Dandies, seven Pepper and one mustard. There are seven girls and one boy -and on the whole - they live happily together. Rosie is the eldest of these
my more recent Dandies, and she is a wonderful 'head dog' and rules with kindness and warmth. She is spoilt of course!!! She has her place and deserves it. She has had two litters and loved her babies until they were  five and a half weeks old then handed them on to me!! She is a wise girl that one!!

Sophie has also had two litters, six babies each time, she comes from a line that always had bigger than average litters. She too loved her babies and allowed them to suckle for as long as they wished, she and Rosie are now too old for maternal duties and are the matriarchs! One of Sophie's sons went to live in America where he now lives very happily with Carol Hamilton in the Californian sunshine, he is now 'Champion Dawsholm Devon Dancer,' named after the River Devon that runs at the foot of the Ochils near our house.

Davoc is Rosie's son, a very cheeky chap indeed - very endearing - a thief of the highest order - he can smell chocolate from a mile away - beware visitors who come here - if he should get in to your room - do not have hidden 'goodies' in your luggage - he will steal them all!!!  He is the father of Dawsholm Devon Dancer!  Dancer is known for his 'love' of lamp posts and is a chip off the old block!!!

Shonillian Dandilly Poppet with Dawsholm is also Davoc's daughter, she was best puppy Crufts 1999, RCC Crufts 2003 and also gained her title last year, she is now 'Champion Shonillian Dandilly Poppet with Dawsholm.'

Alice is Davoc's daughter - sister of Dandilly Poppet , she is a sweetie! She has had two litters - she loves her babies with great passion - she adored them - it was a pleasure to see. One of her sons went to live in Holland where he  was Junior Winner Amsterdam 2001 and is now a Champion -  'Champion Dawsholm Thinker John.' He is owned and loved by the Family Kleijkers who like us - are very proud of him. Alice loves catching field
mice and eating them quickly, she is a hunter like her father Davoc and Grandmother Rosie. She has one notch on 'her gun' as she recently killed a hen that was silly enough to jump the fence that separates them from each  other! Rosie has at least two 'notches' and Davoc at least four!! This does not count the mice!!! Once, between them, they plucked a live Cockerel - it lives to tell the tale - it will never jump over the fence again!!  One of
Alice's sons Dawsholm Gowden Harvest is now a father, and he has produced two litters so far, he was recently mated to Champion Mosterlada Foxy Lady producing four puppies, and Dawsholm Wee Adella producing three.  We hope to see some of these babies in the show ring in the future.

Then there is Emma daughter of Alice - and Poppy daughter of Sophie - the  younger two - who are always playing mad games and running like lunatics around the garden - full of joy! Emma was Reserve Best bitch at ten months  old at the Caledonian Club show 2001, very lightly shown - and qualified for Crufts - if only she would keep her topknot in - which she pulls out on the hedge regularly - however - she enjoys her life!!  She is now three and a
half and recently had four babies, two girls and two boys, we are hopeful that some of them will make it to the showring, at the moment they all look promising. Emma was mated to Champion Mosterlada Golden Loon, as was Poppy, who also produced four babies,  also two girls and two boys, so we were busy at Dawsholm this last year!

I show my dogs sometimes, work them sometimes, live with them and their funny little ways always!!! They live with us in the house - sometimes we think - WE live in THEIR house!! The Dawsholm Dandies are here to greet you should you be passing by - they love visitors - just leave your chocolate bars etc - in your car!!!!!

Celia Danks